Progress Week 3

It’s late because I forgot to make this post earlier, so I’m going to save my witty remarks about the week and explanation for why Thursday’s workout was so short for tomorrow, enjoy my workout for the past week.

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An Early Christmas List

July is less than a week away, and we all know what that means.  Yes, that’s right, CHRISTMAS!!!  Okay, so actual Christmas is still a few months away, but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it and the whole holiday season.

In fact, with the Steam Summer Sale in full swing I started thinking a little bit about some of my more material desires and figured that placing a timeline to acquire said goods at about Christmastime would be a good idea.  For one, I’ll have paid for a year of grad school by that point and won’t have to worry about making another payment for a few months, which means that I’ll have a very firm grasp of what finances I have and what I don’t.

So far, most of my list actually revolves around upgrading my current PC.  Right now I’m running a GTX 970, and have been since I built this rig around two years ago.  I love it and it more than suits my needs, but I think that the time is nearing when I spring for the GTX 1080.  I have friends who run the 1080 and they swear by it.  Also, I think that I’m going to look into getting another motherboard.  Not that there is anything wrong with mine at the moment, but in my experience motherboards are pretty fragile and I don’t want to be stranded without one for however long while a new one gets shipped.  Also, since I’ve fairly more experienced now with computers I should be able to get one that better suits my needs.  Right now I’m thinking of going with an MSI, but I haven’t actually done any research quite yet, so stay tuned for that.

Oh, and a tattoo.  I want a tattoo at Christmas.

Progress Week 2

As expected, I went up in weight a this week.  I was actually a lot happier with the weight I was using this week.  I’m still not back to where I was at my peak, but I’m getting there slowly buy surely.  I also tried front squats this week and I don’t know if I enjoyed them as much as back squats.  It was definitely easier to get lower, but I suppose that because I’ve never been as experienced with front squats I didn’t enjoy them as much.

Next week the routine is changing.  I’m still doing four a week but the routine will change and be focused toward building endurance rather than strength.  I’ll try to use similar weights to what I used this week, but I’ll be upping the reps.

As for this week, I actually messed up on Friday.  I wound up getting distracted and wasn’t able to go to the gym which means that I missed Back/Biceps day.  The gym isn’t open on the weekend so there was no way for me to make it up this weekend, so instead I spent whatever time I had over the weekend working on pull ups and I was actually able to notice some growth in my pull up ability this weekend.

That leads me into my final segment for this post before the actual workout.  After the next two weeks are over I’m going to be done with this routine completely, which means that I will probably take a week and do a deload week.  I’m still working out what all I want to do over the course of that week but I think I might want to try a 5x5x5 workout or something of that nature.  I’ve still got some time to work out the details, but this is the heads up.

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More Money, Less Problems

The title may be misleading in that it implies that I have more money now, and therefore less problems.  However, quite the opposite is true.  As I am in the process of transitioning between a broke college student and a wildly successful Tony Stark wannabe, I’m finding that the middle phase is in fact me being a wildly broke Tony Stark wannabe.  This is not made better by the fact that I’ve lived here for all of two weeks, aND I ALREADY HAVE BILLS.

Like, what?  I came home on Monday and opened the mailbox and there were like 50 (actually it was six) letters!  Okay I’m exaggerating, I read them and they were all nice welcome letters from the people who will be back in two more weeks to take my money (go away, I don’t have any).

That leads into the segment, where I have to apologize for the condition of the blog at the moment.  So far I feel like it has mostly been about fitness and my search to become swole, but that wasn’t the intent when creating this blog.  I wanted to talk about art and science and travel and how all of those things can come together to create the human experience.  Unfortunately, modern society dictates that art, science, and travel all require money which, again, I do not have much of right now.  The gym, however, is free for me, so I can go there and talk about my experience there free of charge, also I enjoy that.

TL;DR:  The blog is gonna be about fitness until payday, then I’m buying robot parts and gonna make death machines.

Progress Week 1

I meant to post this yesterday but got busy with other things.  I’ll make another post about this week outside of the gym, but this one is dedicated to my fight against gravity this week.  I’ll put the exercises below, but it’s fairly lengthy so if you don’t want to look at them I’ll say what I have to say first.

It felt really good to get back into the gym.  I wasn’t lifting the weights that I really wanted to this week, but my form was probably better than ever.  I was able to get really low on my squats and all of my bench was nice and controlled.  The only thing I’m concerned about is my deadlift.  I feel like my back may be arching a little, but I can’t really see it, so I’ll have to get a spotter next week and make sure that I’m not on track to hurt myself.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a good measure on my weight this week, but I suppose there’s plenty of time for that.

Also, I realized early on this week that I had majorly messed up my diet.  I was measuring dried food (rice/couscous) as the same as cooked food, when in reality it was about 3 to four times that amount.  In other words, I ate way too many carbs at the start of the week.  Luckily I caught it early and I can readjust my cooking accordingly.

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Triumphs and Failures

So I’ve decided that instead of spamming an update on the gym for every day, I’m going to consolidate the week’s lifts into a single post at the end of the week.  Regardless, today did have some noteworthy moments, both good and bad.

For starters, I spent an hour this morning wandering around trying to find the gym I was planning to go to.  I was all but ready to go home when I finally found it.  It was a nice little gym but I think that tomorrow I am going to try a different one that is closer to home.  I’ll see which one I like better and try to stick with it, but we’re early on in the process, so now is a good time to try new things.

Speaking of new things, the diet went well today, but I am going to have to make some changes.  Not that anything was particularly bad, but there is no way that I can see myself sustaining this diet at this rate.  For one, I think that I’m going to cut down on some of the fat.  I know that this is supposed to be a bulking diet, but I feel like my body can’t take that much fat intake.  I think I’m going to cut the number of avocados down from two a day to one a day and see how that goes.  I’m also going to change the cauliflower over to broccoli.  Not that I have anything against cauliflower, I just like broccoli better, though I may bring it back for some variety at some point.

Additionally, I’ve determined that my scale is in fact broken.  After weigh in this morning, I had lost nearly 3 pounds from yesterday, so either I am dying or the scale is off.  I’ll try the scale at the gym tomorrow and see if I can get a more accurate measurement.

That’s is for now, but I’m sure that by the end of the week I’ll have some more tweaks and changes that I need to make to the plan.  At the end of the day, if my body isn’t happy with something there’s no way that I can continue it, and right now my body isn’t 100% on the new plan, I’ve just got to work with in until we find something that is beneficial and sustainable.

Food Prep and Weigh In

Yesterday I didn’t really feel up to the task of running, which is understandable because I haven’t really been in about a month.  Instead I used the day to kinda go through some math and figure up how I was going to meal prep for the next few weeks since I’ve never done it before.  What I came up with is that I plan on cooking for the next two days at a time.  That means that tomorrow (Sunday) I will be cooking for Monday and Tuesday.  On Tuesday I will cook for Wednesday and Thursday, and on Thursday I will cook for Friday and Saturday.  Sunday is going to be a free day where I plan on mixing up my diet a little bit with some red meat and more greens.  I’m going to have to do some planning and research so that I don’t mess up my macros too much, but within a week or two I should have Sunday down pat.

Right now, this is my diet plan

  • 7:00 A.M.
    • Protein Shake
    • 1 Grapefruit
    • 1/2 Avocado
    • 1 Banana
  • 12:00 P.M.
    • 1 Chicken Breast
    • 1 Cup Brown Rice
    • 1/2 Bag Broccoli
  • 4:00 P.M
    • 1 Chicken Breast
    • 2 Cups Brown Rice
    • 2 tsp Olive Oil
  • 8:00 P.M.
    • 1 Tilapia Fillet
    • 3 Cups Couscous
    • 1 1/2 Avocado
    • 1 bag Cauliflower
  • 10:00 P.M.
    • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
    • 8 Slices Wheat Bread
    • 2 tsp Peanut Butter

My macros should come out to approximately 180 gr Protein, 530 gr Carbs, and 90 gr Fat.  I’ll try adjusting as we go along to see what works best for me but this is a start.

This morning I got up and went for another run.  I could tell a mild improvement, since last time I ran a mile and a half at about an 8:30 pace but today I ran the whole two miles at the same pace.  I’ve still got a little ways to go to get back to where I was before my month off, but by the end of next week I’m hoping to be back to about three miles.  When I got back I weighed myself.  My scale said that I’m starting off at 190.2 lbs.  I feel like it might be off a little,  but we’ll see how it holds up this week as I’m planning on trying it everyday this week just to get a baseline.

Tomorrow morning I’m planning on starting up day one week one of my workout plan.  Right now my plan has me in the gym four days out of the week.  It calls for four days on back to back and three days rest back to back, but I decided to alter this a little and go two days on, one day rest, two days on, then the weekend off.  That means that Wednesday will be rest/stretching and maybe some cardio.  Same goes for Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll try to plan to upload my workouts as I complete them that day, and let everyone know how the progress is going.  I also need to make note to get a body fat scale at some point, that way I can make sure I’m gaining the right kind of weight.

On a final note, thank you to everyone that has supported me so far in the quest and especially to those of you who have reached out to me!  I haven’t really had much time this weekend to get back with you guys like I should have but as things are settling down here and I’m working into a grove I promise I’ll get better about that!