An Early Christmas List

July is less than a week away, and we all know what that means.  Yes, that’s right, CHRISTMAS!!!  Okay, so actual Christmas is still a few months away, but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it and the whole holiday season.

In fact, with the Steam Summer Sale in full swing I started thinking a little bit about some of my more material desires and figured that placing a timeline to acquire said goods at about Christmastime would be a good idea.  For one, I’ll have paid for a year of grad school by that point and won’t have to worry about making another payment for a few months, which means that I’ll have a very firm grasp of what finances I have and what I don’t.

So far, most of my list actually revolves around upgrading my current PC.  Right now I’m running a GTX 970, and have been since I built this rig around two years ago.  I love it and it more than suits my needs, but I think that the time is nearing when I spring for the GTX 1080.  I have friends who run the 1080 and they swear by it.  Also, I think that I’m going to look into getting another motherboard.  Not that there is anything wrong with mine at the moment, but in my experience motherboards are pretty fragile and I don’t want to be stranded without one for however long while a new one gets shipped.  Also, since I’ve fairly more experienced now with computers I should be able to get one that better suits my needs.  Right now I’m thinking of going with an MSI, but I haven’t actually done any research quite yet, so stay tuned for that.

Oh, and a tattoo.  I want a tattoo at Christmas.


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