The journey is complete!  I’m finally at my new home, and now I just have to sign my lease tomorrow and move in.  I actually got here a bit earlier than I expected and was able to go to the leasing office to turn in some paperwork.  They offered to let me move in today.  I wish I had known that before I booked another AirBnB.  But it’s nOT LIKE I’M UPSET OR ANYTHING.

No but really I didn’t mind waiting, for two reasons.  First, it’ll force me to get up and going tomorrow, and second because I don’t have a bed in the new apartment yet, so this will be my last night sleeping on something that isn’t the ground or an air mattress for about a week.

Since I had more time after electing to make​ my life slightly harder in the long run, I decided to stop by the college where I’m getting my masters at.  It was, coincidentally, freshman orientation today, so I got to wade through the streams of fresh high school grads who had no idea what was about to hit them in the face.  What was nice, however, was the new faces that I was getting to see all over campus.  I really didn’t meet a lot of people besides some of the employees in the engineering department, but it was refreshing to see all of the other students, and I can’t wait to really get started in the program.


Don’t Knox It

So I’ve arrived in Knoxville which means that Leg 1 of the journey is officially over!  Tomorrow it’s just a short 4 hour sprint to my final destination, kinda.  Actually, my apartment won’t be ready to move into until Wednesday, which means that I’ve got to spend another night at an Air BnB, which is fine with me!  It means I’ll only have a grueling 16 minute drive to my apartment on Wednesday morning so I can finally get settled​ in, so look forward to that!

The one I’m at in Knoxville has cats, and I can’t tell if they love me or hate me, so I’m keeping my distance for now.  Until the owners show back up, I’m going to stay in my room and do something I haven’t done in awhile:  read.

Packed and Ready

So today was filled with two things:  packing and Mount & Blade:  Warband.  While I am equally excited about being able to say that I did both today, I had considerably more fun with one than I did the other.  As usual, my neat and organized style of packing devolved into me shoving whatever I had in my hand into whatever container it would fit in.  I blame the fact that I haven’t unpacked since I got home from college and therefore none of the stuff was organized, but honestly whenever I go to move next this will probably happen again.

In other news I’ve injured myself a total of 5 times over the last two days, at least by my count.  Last night I found three new scratches on my foot while taking a shower.  Since I have no idea where they came from, I can only assume that tiny ghost ninjas periodically sliced at my feet throughout the day, perhaps in retribution for my misunderstanding of Microsoft PowerPoint.  Another occurred today when I tried to hang a pair of pants and wound up breaking the hanger, consequently cutting my wrist.  The final (so far) injury occurred when I spun around too quickly and snagged my finger on a metal sculpture I had made years ago.

Here’s hoping that the ghost ninjas don’t return until I get to my new apartment!

They Came, They Saw, They Moved

So today the movers came and grabbed all of my big stuff like my work bench and bed – fingers crossed that I show up to my new apartment and get all of my stuff back.  Honestly, though, this is a big relief.  I’ve got my renter’s insurance taken care of, my apartment is lined up, and now my stuff is on its way to my new home and as big as the task is ahead of me I have honestly never been more ready for something in my life.  Now for the hard part:  the little stuff.

I am so bad at packing.  I hate doing it because I’m terrified that I’m going to break something or that I’ll not do it the absolute most efficient way or that I might not have enough room for everything.  I am equally bad at unpacking and usually have to be made to do it.  I’m doing everything in my power to bring as little stuff as possible because I don’t want stuff lying all over the place while I struggle to find a place for it in my new apartment.  So far I’ve done pretty well and just planned to bring the essentials, but mom and dad keep trying to convince me to bring more stuff.

In other news I’ve started planning my first week out at the new digs.  A lot of it will probably be basic stuff like turning on the internet and getting groceries, but I think I’m gonna start prepping for my new workout routine as well.  I’ll have about a week off before I start work, and I plan on starting the routine around the same time I start work, so it’ll give me that much time to start conditioning my body for the gym again.

Travel and Future

So this weekend I probably spent a combined 24 hours driving around.  From home to Orlando to back home to Pensacola to back home, I spent more time on the road than I normally like to  but every minute was worth it.  And I mean, seriously, I’m usually not tired after traveling, but this post was supposed to be made about 5 hours ago, but instead of that, I was passed out in bed.

Megacon was awesome, and it reinvigorated me with love for nerdom.  I met a man named James, and hopefully, James and I are going to help change the world for someone, little by little, but this isn’t the time for that.  I also met a Shoretrooper with the 501st.  If you don’t know what the 501st Legion is, stop here, go Google that, and come back.  I’ve been a fan of the 501st for years but never had the money to really start getting involved with them (again, go do research).  But I’m about a week away from starting my job now, and I’m happy to say that I’m more stoked than ever to get involved and start helping out!

Also, I bout this Dr. Fate comic that I really wanted for like $0.50, so that was cool.

Pensacola was fun too, and I’m glad that I got to spend Memorial Day Weekend with a lot of good friends.  If you haven’t seen the movie War Machine on Netflix yet, stop wasting your life.  It’s hilarious and raises a lot of good points about war and politics.

Like I said earlier, I’m about a week away from moving off to start my new job and as far as I know my new home won’t have a desk when I get there, so prepare yourselves to see some posts made from the floor of my new apartment!


Why I’m here

Hi, everybody!  My name’s Winston.  I do stuff and things on the internet and, occasionally, in real life as well.  What I do often times do not have any real rhyme or reason, but I enjoy them.  I’ll probably post about some of the things that I do here, along with other things I create or enjoy.

I might also just decide to post about ideas that I have that come through my head.  I promise that this blog won’t have any real continuity to it.  One week may see the rise of deep thought exploring the meaning of human existence only to be followed on the next week with whatever item I saw online for half off and refused to control myself over.

Whatever happens, I hope you’ll decide to join me in my adventures to discover the unknown, my quests for knowledge, and my searches to figure out why humanity has made existence so complicated for itself.

Alternatively, I could just let this website sit around on the internet and take up precious space on a server somewhere.  We’ll see where this goes…