I Drank Water

Today, I made a decision that I don’t really take lightly.  Today, I decided to drink water.

Now, if you know me you might be saying that this really isn’t a huge decision seeing that most of the time the only thing that I drink is water.  In fact, I would say that I drank almost exclusively water until I was about 18 when I moved off to college.  While I was there, I continued to drink almost exclusively water, with one exception:  when I was home.

See, while I was away, my parents liked to buy bottles of juice and what have you to drink.  When I was home on holidays and the like, I would usually drink the juice because it was a lot more convenient than the water.  The problem is, though, that each glass of juice contains about 32g of sugar, which is a ridiculous amount for a drink.  I think that most if not all of the weight gain that I’ve seen over the past four years have been due to trips I’ve made home, and it’s all due to the decisions that I’ve made in my diet.

Over the past couple of days I’ve really noticed how bad the juice is, though, and I’ve tried to avoid drinking it by drinking milk or other options, but today I decided enough was enough.  Today I put down the juice and decided to drink water.


It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

So I was going to make a pretty long post centered around my love for the written language and how we dilute it with jokes about flatulence, but I got sidetracked about three lines in and forgot where I was going with the whole thing, so here’s the gist!

I like writing.  Also, I’m good at math.  Math is all good fun, but I think as I’m getting older I want to be a writer more and more.  The only plausible solution, therefore, is to become smart enough to write about math.  <Insert list of other things that will never happen here>

Actually, I have a lot of ideas for books, novels, comics and the like, but I don’t ever have the time or attention span to really write any of them down.  I think that’s going to start changing, though.  In about a month I’ll move off to start a new chapter of my life, and I think that I’m going to take this blog seriously.  I think this is going to become an outlet for a lot of my creative ideas that I started to neglect due to the fact that I had too much math and too little time.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that this is a challenge.  I’m going to start eating better, working out more, and paying attention to the things that I really want to pay attention to and not the things others say I do (math is still going to be a big one).

So that’s it.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.  My New Year’s Middle of the Year Resolution has been established.  And I’m starting… in like three weeks.  I’ve still got other things to take care of between now and then, but check back then for an almost new year/almost new me!

And to everyone who’s willing to journey along with me, thanks in advance, you’re probably a great human being.

Why I’m here

Hi, everybody!  My name’s Winston.  I do stuff and things on the internet and, occasionally, in real life as well.  What I do often times do not have any real rhyme or reason, but I enjoy them.  I’ll probably post about some of the things that I do here, along with other things I create or enjoy.

I might also just decide to post about ideas that I have that come through my head.  I promise that this blog won’t have any real continuity to it.  One week may see the rise of deep thought exploring the meaning of human existence only to be followed on the next week with whatever item I saw online for half off and refused to control myself over.

Whatever happens, I hope you’ll decide to join me in my adventures to discover the unknown, my quests for knowledge, and my searches to figure out why humanity has made existence so complicated for itself.

Alternatively, I could just let this website sit around on the internet and take up precious space on a server somewhere.  We’ll see where this goes…