More Money, Less Problems

The title may be misleading in that it implies that I have more money now, and therefore less problems.  However, quite the opposite is true.  As I am in the process of transitioning between a broke college student and a wildly successful Tony Stark wannabe, I’m finding that the middle phase is in fact me being a wildly broke Tony Stark wannabe.  This is not made better by the fact that I’ve lived here for all of two weeks, aND I ALREADY HAVE BILLS.

Like, what?  I came home on Monday and opened the mailbox and there were like 50 (actually it was six) letters!  Okay I’m exaggerating, I read them and they were all nice welcome letters from the people who will be back in two more weeks to take my money (go away, I don’t have any).

That leads into the segment, where I have to apologize for the condition of the blog at the moment.  So far I feel like it has mostly been about fitness and my search to become swole, but that wasn’t the intent when creating this blog.  I wanted to talk about art and science and travel and how all of those things can come together to create the human experience.  Unfortunately, modern society dictates that art, science, and travel all require money which, again, I do not have much of right now.  The gym, however, is free for me, so I can go there and talk about my experience there free of charge, also I enjoy that.

TL;DR:  The blog is gonna be about fitness until payday, then I’m buying robot parts and gonna make death machines.


Getting (Un)Settled

Pictured below, is what my apartment looked like when I first moved in.  Understandably, it’s gotten a lot more chaotic, due in no small part to the events of today.


Today was a big day.  I got the gas turned over, the hot water heater fixed, and the internet was activated (mostly).  I was also able to procure a desk and chair for $20 total.  The desk is really small and flimsy but it keeps me from having to type on the floor for now.  Pictured below is my current setup.


I still have a lot of progress to go on the apartment, but hopefully the movers will be coming soon so that they can drop off the rest of my furniture and I can actually start planning how my apartment is going to go together.  For now, I’m going to keep making due with what little I’ve got.

I was also able to finally go grocery shopping today.  I’m planning on starting my diet on Monday along with a decent workout routine but we still have a few intermediate steps before now and then.  I also need to make another trip or two around town because I wasn’t able to find all the groceries that I wanted, but overall most things we very simple to find which is great news!

Tomorrow morning I’m going to attempt to drag myself on a run and go check out the local college, so hopefully more pictures will be coming soon.

Don’t Knox It

So I’ve arrived in Knoxville which means that Leg 1 of the journey is officially over!  Tomorrow it’s just a short 4 hour sprint to my final destination, kinda.  Actually, my apartment won’t be ready to move into until Wednesday, which means that I’ve got to spend another night at an Air BnB, which is fine with me!  It means I’ll only have a grueling 16 minute drive to my apartment on Wednesday morning so I can finally get settled​ in, so look forward to that!

The one I’m at in Knoxville has cats, and I can’t tell if they love me or hate me, so I’m keeping my distance for now.  Until the owners show back up, I’m going to stay in my room and do something I haven’t done in awhile:  read.

Packed and Ready

So today was filled with two things:  packing and Mount & Blade:  Warband.  While I am equally excited about being able to say that I did both today, I had considerably more fun with one than I did the other.  As usual, my neat and organized style of packing devolved into me shoving whatever I had in my hand into whatever container it would fit in.  I blame the fact that I haven’t unpacked since I got home from college and therefore none of the stuff was organized, but honestly whenever I go to move next this will probably happen again.

In other news I’ve injured myself a total of 5 times over the last two days, at least by my count.  Last night I found three new scratches on my foot while taking a shower.  Since I have no idea where they came from, I can only assume that tiny ghost ninjas periodically sliced at my feet throughout the day, perhaps in retribution for my misunderstanding of Microsoft PowerPoint.  Another occurred today when I tried to hang a pair of pants and wound up breaking the hanger, consequently cutting my wrist.  The final (so far) injury occurred when I spun around too quickly and snagged my finger on a metal sculpture I had made years ago.

Here’s hoping that the ghost ninjas don’t return until I get to my new apartment!