More Money, Less Problems

The title may be misleading in that it implies that I have more money now, and therefore less problems.  However, quite the opposite is true.  As I am in the process of transitioning between a broke college student and a wildly successful Tony Stark wannabe, I’m finding that the middle phase is in fact me being a wildly broke Tony Stark wannabe.  This is not made better by the fact that I’ve lived here for all of two weeks, aND I ALREADY HAVE BILLS.

Like, what?  I came home on Monday and opened the mailbox and there were like 50 (actually it was six) letters!  Okay I’m exaggerating, I read them and they were all nice welcome letters from the people who will be back in two more weeks to take my money (go away, I don’t have any).

That leads into the segment, where I have to apologize for the condition of the blog at the moment.  So far I feel like it has mostly been about fitness and my search to become swole, but that wasn’t the intent when creating this blog.  I wanted to talk about art and science and travel and how all of those things can come together to create the human experience.  Unfortunately, modern society dictates that art, science, and travel all require money which, again, I do not have much of right now.  The gym, however, is free for me, so I can go there and talk about my experience there free of charge, also I enjoy that.

TL;DR:  The blog is gonna be about fitness until payday, then I’m buying robot parts and gonna make death machines.


Don’t Knox It

So I’ve arrived in Knoxville which means that Leg 1 of the journey is officially over!  Tomorrow it’s just a short 4 hour sprint to my final destination, kinda.  Actually, my apartment won’t be ready to move into until Wednesday, which means that I’ve got to spend another night at an Air BnB, which is fine with me!  It means I’ll only have a grueling 16 minute drive to my apartment on Wednesday morning so I can finally get settled​ in, so look forward to that!

The one I’m at in Knoxville has cats, and I can’t tell if they love me or hate me, so I’m keeping my distance for now.  Until the owners show back up, I’m going to stay in my room and do something I haven’t done in awhile:  read.

Packed and Ready

So today was filled with two things:  packing and Mount & Blade:  Warband.  While I am equally excited about being able to say that I did both today, I had considerably more fun with one than I did the other.  As usual, my neat and organized style of packing devolved into me shoving whatever I had in my hand into whatever container it would fit in.  I blame the fact that I haven’t unpacked since I got home from college and therefore none of the stuff was organized, but honestly whenever I go to move next this will probably happen again.

In other news I’ve injured myself a total of 5 times over the last two days, at least by my count.  Last night I found three new scratches on my foot while taking a shower.  Since I have no idea where they came from, I can only assume that tiny ghost ninjas periodically sliced at my feet throughout the day, perhaps in retribution for my misunderstanding of Microsoft PowerPoint.  Another occurred today when I tried to hang a pair of pants and wound up breaking the hanger, consequently cutting my wrist.  The final (so far) injury occurred when I spun around too quickly and snagged my finger on a metal sculpture I had made years ago.

Here’s hoping that the ghost ninjas don’t return until I get to my new apartment!

Technically Difficult

Earlier this week, there was a death in some extended family.  It hasn’t really taken a huge impact on myself or my immediate family due to how distant the kin was, but they lived close enough to where we knew who they were.  Since the surviving kids didn’t have much support, my mom and dad stepped in to help them out as they usually do with this kind of thing.  Since I’m the techy guy in the family (i.e. the only one who knows how to operate Microsoft PowerPoint) I was asked to help out with some of the aspects of the memorial service which took place this morning.

Now, I have to split this post up into two parts.  The first is going to be more or less a list of all the things that didn’t go quite as planned, and in hindsight it was pretty humorous given the circumstances.  The second is going to be about how they all went right, so bear with me.

I was given about twenty five pictures that I needed to turn into a slideshow for the service and put music over it.  Easy enough, scan the pictures, put them in order, bam, done.  I was too cheap to buy the music they requested, so I just downloaded the songs from Spotify and had a plan to plug my phone into the church’s sound system (spoiler:  that part worked great).  Easy enough, I showed up to the church about half an hour early so that I could set up and I was greeted by the most adorable little potato of a man who apparently was the pastor there.  He had no idea how computers worked, as evidenced by the fact that he was struggling with the church’s system when I walked in.  I first thought he was the tech guy, actually.  Turns out that their tech guy was on vacation, also that the pastor hadn’t turned on the computer yet, so I turned it on and he knowingly moved out of my way so I could work my magic.

I struggled with the sound system for a little bit before finding the plug I needed and I got everything going.  Awesome!  Now it was time to actually start the service.  I went and found Mr. Potato and asked when he wanted to start.  He said that the guy who was performing the service was ready and that I could begin.  So, I cut the music but let the slideshow keep going in the back.  The guy delivering the service, we’ll call him Mr. Nervous because he was, continued to do nothing.  Then he stood up, walked around for a second in front of the silent church room, and sat back down before looking at me.  Puzzled.  AS IF I KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING.

Luckily Mr. Potato joined me at this point and I was able to ask if he knew to start.  We both motioned to Mr. Nervous to start doing things and I think he got the hint, because he stood up and said something.  I was clearly not being an active listener, because I did not hear what he said before he sat back down and stared at me again.  There was a war brewing between myself and Mr. Nervous, and the ball was now in my court.  Well played, Mr. Nervous, but you underestimated Mr. Potato!  No, actually, he did not, I was so lost.  I looked at Mr. Potato and asked what he wanted me to do, and he informed me that I was supposed to play some music.

“What music?” I asked.

“Oh, they downloaded it for you this morning,” said Mr. Potato.

I frantically began searching every folder in the church computer, but found no such records of music.  I had failed, but if I was to go down, Mr. Nervous was to come with me.  I told Mr. Potato to tell him to start with the actual message, and Mr. Nervous complied, very nervously.  After some more searching, Mr. Potato handed me a piece of paper that contained the tentative (read: obsolete) schedule of events for the service.  As I started reading the songs, I realized that they were the songs that I had played over the PowerPoint.

“Who downloaded these?”

“Oh, some woman came in this morning and gave me a disk with them on it,” responded Mr. Potato.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“Oh, I think I handed it to you!”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a thumb drive.  “You mean this?”

“Yup, that’s it.  It has the songs on it.”

In that moment I didn’t have the heart to tell Mr. Potato that I was the woman and that there were no songs on this thumb drive shaped disk.  Instead, I could only look deep inside of myself and wonder who nobody had tried to prepare me for this day, and how I was going to fix it.

Ultimately, we decided to scrap two of the songs since they had already been played, so when Mr. Nervous finished we basically played Amazing Grace over some of the slides and we wrapped up!

Now, it might sound like I’m making light out of someone else’s tragedy, but knowing the person who was lost I think today went pretty much exactly how she would have wanted it.  It wasn’t a total catastrophe, but it wasn’t exactly smooth and polished either, like our family.  Her daughter was surrounded by people who were there to support her and help her through this time, and I’m glad that I could help be a part of it in some small way.

Also, Mr. Potato and I are totally besties now.

They Came, They Saw, They Moved

So today the movers came and grabbed all of my big stuff like my work bench and bed – fingers crossed that I show up to my new apartment and get all of my stuff back.  Honestly, though, this is a big relief.  I’ve got my renter’s insurance taken care of, my apartment is lined up, and now my stuff is on its way to my new home and as big as the task is ahead of me I have honestly never been more ready for something in my life.  Now for the hard part:  the little stuff.

I am so bad at packing.  I hate doing it because I’m terrified that I’m going to break something or that I’ll not do it the absolute most efficient way or that I might not have enough room for everything.  I am equally bad at unpacking and usually have to be made to do it.  I’m doing everything in my power to bring as little stuff as possible because I don’t want stuff lying all over the place while I struggle to find a place for it in my new apartment.  So far I’ve done pretty well and just planned to bring the essentials, but mom and dad keep trying to convince me to bring more stuff.

In other news I’ve started planning my first week out at the new digs.  A lot of it will probably be basic stuff like turning on the internet and getting groceries, but I think I’m gonna start prepping for my new workout routine as well.  I’ll have about a week off before I start work, and I plan on starting the routine around the same time I start work, so it’ll give me that much time to start conditioning my body for the gym again.

It’s a Love-Hate Relationship

So I was going to make a pretty long post centered around my love for the written language and how we dilute it with jokes about flatulence, but I got sidetracked about three lines in and forgot where I was going with the whole thing, so here’s the gist!

I like writing.  Also, I’m good at math.  Math is all good fun, but I think as I’m getting older I want to be a writer more and more.  The only plausible solution, therefore, is to become smart enough to write about math.  <Insert list of other things that will never happen here>

Actually, I have a lot of ideas for books, novels, comics and the like, but I don’t ever have the time or attention span to really write any of them down.  I think that’s going to start changing, though.  In about a month I’ll move off to start a new chapter of my life, and I think that I’m going to take this blog seriously.  I think this is going to become an outlet for a lot of my creative ideas that I started to neglect due to the fact that I had too much math and too little time.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that this is a challenge.  I’m going to start eating better, working out more, and paying attention to the things that I really want to pay attention to and not the things others say I do (math is still going to be a big one).

So that’s it.  The gauntlet has been thrown down.  My New Year’s Middle of the Year Resolution has been established.  And I’m starting… in like three weeks.  I’ve still got other things to take care of between now and then, but check back then for an almost new year/almost new me!

And to everyone who’s willing to journey along with me, thanks in advance, you’re probably a great human being.

Why I’m here

Hi, everybody!  My name’s Winston.  I do stuff and things on the internet and, occasionally, in real life as well.  What I do often times do not have any real rhyme or reason, but I enjoy them.  I’ll probably post about some of the things that I do here, along with other things I create or enjoy.

I might also just decide to post about ideas that I have that come through my head.  I promise that this blog won’t have any real continuity to it.  One week may see the rise of deep thought exploring the meaning of human existence only to be followed on the next week with whatever item I saw online for half off and refused to control myself over.

Whatever happens, I hope you’ll decide to join me in my adventures to discover the unknown, my quests for knowledge, and my searches to figure out why humanity has made existence so complicated for itself.

Alternatively, I could just let this website sit around on the internet and take up precious space on a server somewhere.  We’ll see where this goes…